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Business in Somalia and Somaliland is entrepreneurial, adaptable and resourceful and it is a testimony to the business people of the region that trade and commerce has flourished despite the many years of conflict. We work with some of the leading businesses in the region such as Hormuud Telecom in the South and Telesom in the North. We are equally equipped to support small and start-up businesses and count the work we do with Somaliland Chamber of Commerce as one of our longer-term partnerships. We have a long-term relationship with Hormuud Telecom, working with them to implement and business development department and managing their international marketing, communications and PR campaigns. An example of work includes an intensive five day training programme delivered to the senior executive team. A key outcome was of the training was the establishment of a Business Development Department which focuses on growth through innovation and provides a central hub for aligning the objectives of a number of core departments and their functions to work towards the company’s strategic vision.

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Transparency Solutions is a transformative consultancy with deep local foundations and broad global expertise. We work to address the challenges and many dimensions necessary to effect political, economic, commercial and social transformative change. Our primary focus and considerable expertise is in Somalia and Somaliland and with their people and communities worldwide