Transparency Solutions is honoured to count a number of our long-standing clients as partners. There are four strategic partners however with whom we work extremely closely. The skills and expertise that each one brings to the partnership, and in turn to our joint and respective work, is of immeasurable value.


University of Bristol


In 2015, Transparency Solutions was awarded University of Bristol Strategic Partner status in recognition of the co-production between the two organisations of the Somali First initiative, which is built on previous joint work in Somalia. Somali First brings together Somali civil society, government, business and research to transform the process of development. Among Somalis there is huge capacity and potential and our partnership with the support of many others besides, is making an important and considerable difference in working with Somalis to recognise and mobilise that capacity and potential.


Horn Risk Management


Our work across the Horn of Africa is complemented with the security and risk management work of partner company Horn Risk Management (HRM) to create integrated service packages. HRM is headquartered and registered in Hargeisa and Mogadishu and has a teaming agreement with global private security and risk management company Olive Group.


Fresh Ground Group


Transparency Solutions has embedded a deep strategic relationship with the individual directors of Fresh Ground Group for over ten years and with the in its present form since 2013. Business Director Sandra McNeill is also a director of Fresh Ground Group and we work together to develop and deliver world class training packages including e-learning and data systems to support a range of project management, training and research activities.


Observatory of Violence and Conflict Prevention

The OCVP is a nonpartisan and independent non-governmental organisation working to improve the socio-economic conditions of Somali people through peace building, promoting community safety and sustainable development. Transparency Solutions have partnered with the OCVP on a number of projects including ongoing work for the British Embassy in Mogadishu.






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Transparency Solutions is a transformative consultancy with deep local foundations and broad global expertise. We work to address the challenges and many dimensions necessary to effect political, economic, commercial and social transformative change. Our primary focus and considerable expertise is in Somalia and Somaliland and with their people and communities worldwide