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The public sector in Somalia and Somaliland, whilst not established in the sense that it is understood in the Western world is increasingly developing to establish and grow social, economic and judicial provision. In Somalia and Somaliland our client portfolio includes healthcare, education, aviation, justice and security as well as advising and assisting various ministries in the North and South of the region, In the UK we have conducted research studies for the NHS and have worked on many projects, programmes and consultancies with local authorities including Bristol City Council and Luton Borough Council. Hargeisa International Airport is a local success story, providing safe and efficient transit services to passengers and airlines alike. Transparency Solutions worked in partnership with Horn Risk Management on a six month project at Hargeisa International Airport. We carried out an initial training needs assessment and designed and delivered a training programme which focussed on Professional Skills Development and Security training. The impact of our joint work was a 30% increase in government tax revenue over a six month period, the introduction of new low –cost daily routes between Dubai and Hargeisa and overseeing the re-opening of Berbera Airport.

Business Director, Sandra McNeill from TS with Hargeisa International Airport Staff in March 2015.



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Transparency Solutions is a transformative consultancy with deep local foundations and broad global expertise. We work to address the challenges and many dimensions necessary to effect political, economic, commercial and social transformative change. Our primary focus and considerable expertise is in Somalia and Somaliland and with their people and communities worldwide