Transparency Solutions has actively contributed towards the Somaliland Energy Law, validation of existing Foreign and Domestic investment laws as well as the Commercial code. We have held advisory roles on the National Development Plan (NDP) and Vision 2030 national strategies and policy. We have worked extensively with the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Government of Somalia in an advisory capacity and with our Somali First Initiative have forged close working partnerships with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the Government of Somaliland and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in Somalia. In the UK our work has included innovative contributions to the implementation of the national Prevent strategy. On a commercial level we have long-term relationships developing and implementing strategic projects with two of the largest telecommunications companies in the region, Hormuud Telecom in Mogadishu and Telesom in Hargeisa. These include the creation of a Business Development department and developing and managing marketing and public relations globally. Telesom recognises the strategic value of investment in external marketing to promote its brand beyond its national borders The Transparency Solutions marketing team currently produces Telesom’s quarterly corporate magazine aimed to connect readers with positive and inspirational Somali stories from all over the globe. The team works closely with the client in terms of content and design, to ensure the end result matches the client's vision.



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Transparency Solutions is a transformative consultancy with deep local foundations and broad global expertise. We work to address the challenges and many dimensions necessary to effect political, economic, commercial and social transformative change. Our primary focus and considerable expertise is in Somalia and Somaliland and with their people and communities worldwide