Passionate about people


We have a growing team of brilliant people. We are proud of our people and are passionate about supporting each other to fulfil our ambitions


Inspired to deliver the vision of Somali-First


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Seeking to excel


We aspire to continually learn and evolve and to deliver our work with innovation, insight and excellence


Serious about CSR


Being socially responsible is good for business because it builds community good will. It is also the right thing to do. Our CSR portfolio has three components.


  • We do pro bono work. We regularly provide our services free to entities doing socially valuable work, regardless of whether paid work will flow from it, and have inspired partners and clients to join us in such activities.
  • We engage in charitable giving in the form of money, food and clothing.
  • We carry out and sustain charitable projects. For example, we played a key role in establishing in 2013 a school we called the Kaafi Academy in Hargeisa, raising $700,000 dollars to build it. We continue to commit time and money to run and enhance the school.







Transparency Solutions

Rear Offices

24 New Road



SN15 1HS.




(UK) +44 (0)1249 444 780

(Somalia) +252 (0) 615 289179

(Somaliland) +2522 4718869 / +2522 4732730






KM5, Agfoye Road

Hodan District







Zenith House

Airport Road





Transparency Solutions is a transformative consultancy with deep local foundations and broad global expertise. We work to address the challenges and many dimensions necessary to effect political, economic, commercial and social transformative change. Our primary focus and considerable expertise is in Somalia and Somaliland and with their people and communities worldwide